> and sharing giant 1960s papers on the subject that were written using
> typewriters. (Nathan, if those papers are available publicly, could you post
> links please?)

All 17 volumes are here:

Part of the reason it's so long is that it's written from base principles.
You really don't need to read all of it, but many of the volumes are quite

Here is the index of volumes:

   1. Coordinate Systems and Time Measure
   2. Observation Theory and Sensors
   3. The Two Body Problem
   4. The Calculus of Variations
   5. State Determination and/or Estimation
   6. The N-Body Problem and Special Perturbation Techniques
   7. The Pontryagin Maximum Principle
   8. Boost Guidance Equations
   9. General Perturbations Theory
   10. Dynamic Programming
   11. Guidance Equations for Orbital Operations
   12. Relative Motion, Guidance Equations for Terminal Rendezvous
   13. Numerical Optimization Methods
   14. Entry Guidance Equations
   15. Application of Optimization Techniques
   16. Mission Constraints and Trajectory Interfaces
   17. Guidance System Performance Analysis

The most interesting one to me is #15: Application of Optimization
It sums up the previous volumes and actually solves some simple optimization

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