Looks like the CAT may be happy to have us as guinea pigs for their
burgeoning VM empire!

One catch is that we'll need to get our own license/key for the install (at
least for Server 2008) but someone may be able to get this via MSDN-A (or
whatever it's called these days) on the academic license.  If we go that way
we will have the license attached to the requesting individual.  I think
there may still be a site license lurking in the wings, so we may be able to
ask on that some more.  Win 7 appears to be available on site license, as do
a few other versions.

I think they are fine with just providing hosting and resources, given that
we do all our own management.

We'd also need to spec out system requirements for the Solidworks Repo (RAM,
Storage space, etc)

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