I must have tuned out during the discussion. Last I heard we were still thinking June.

I have stuff going on the 16-17 and 23-24 weekends.

Is there any way we can use the wiki/calendar to put up people's conflicts?


Last week we talked about trying to launch mid July in Brothers.
 To summarize: We would love to launch again soon. We are not ready to fly a
6DOF rocket yet, but we are desperate to finally fly the flight computer
with the GFEs and sensors and new patch antennas/802.11a.  We also want to
launch as soon as possible so we have time to think about another launch
later in the fall.

To that end, here are the dates of the weekends in July with a couple of
notes.  Everyone should look at their own calendars and figure out what
would and wouldn't work and be ready to discuss an official launch date this
Tuesday (the 10th).

   - 9-10
   - 16-17
   - 23-24 - This is an O-Rock launch date. And OSCON is 25th-29th
   - 30-31

If you can't make in Tuesday and have strong opinions about when we should
launch send an email so we know what you think.



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