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> It seems like it would be a natural fit for a PSAS launch as I'm sure a lot
> of the advanced OROC guys would appreciate seeing the PSAS rocket fly, and
> the PSAS team gets to watch a bunch of other big rockets (M/N/O/P class
> motors- I'm flying an M to M two stage myself) fly. I think we could easily
> coordinate a separate launch cell away from the flightline to set up the
> PSAS site if that would be desired.

Note that for NXRS, the high waiver *requires* launching from the
'homestead' site up on the hill -- need to get further from the hwy. So,
I imagine there will be several other launch towers set up there.

Also, Rocket Magazine staff will be on-hand for pictures and a bit of
publicity. It's hard to know how many other people will show up at this


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