Nathan and Jared,

Thanks so much for sharing! That is awesome. Close the loop with GPS data back from the rocket I expect. The original Trackmaster closed the loop at the cross-hairs/eyeball connection. It would be nice if the interface to the tracker would be standard hamlib format so you could also plug in gpredict to track other celestial stuff too.

Kudos to Jared big time!

Glenn N. LeBrasseur

Quoting Nathan Bergey <>:

Some cool news from the last meeting: on Tuesday Jared shared his progress
on a motorized antenna tracker. He's been working on it all this term and
has posted his work on google code:

There is code and video on the site, notably this nice video tour of the
hardware and of it running:

Kudos to Jared on the great progress! He hopes to work on it next term as
well, adding a tracking loop. He might bring it in the next Tuesday meeting
to show off.


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