I was doing some email archeology and found this silly message; fun!
I think this the first email to the group?
Also I think it was before Oregon required 10 digit dialing?


Message 2700:
From j...@ee.pdx.edu  Mon Jun 30 09:41:47 1997
Subject: Calling all Aerospace Nerds!!
(34 lines) More? [ynq]


We're going to start a student branch of the IEEE Aerospace and Electrical
Systems Society (AESS) here at PSU. Basically, we need 12 IEEE
student members (we can sign you up for the IEEE at the same time) in
order to start the society. If you are:

- interested in space-based applications including
  - Sattelite communications,
  - Robotic exploration of the solar system,
  - SETI,
  - Astrophysics and Cosmology,
  - Rocket Science (ha!),

- interested in aeronautics including
  - commercial plane design,
  - GPS and other related aeronautic electronics,

- interested in touring really cool facilities around the Portland
  and Seattle area,

- doing ridiculus things in the name of science (like launching
  12ft high powered rockets with self-created electronic payloads),

... then consider joining the society! Please email me (Andrew) at
j...@ee.pdx.edu if you are interested (or call me at xxx-xxxx).

Andrew Greenberg
(also the IEEE Store Dictator)


Glenn N. LeBrasseur

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