I was hoping that a few people might want to get together to watch the* very
last shuttle launch ever* live on screen somewhere. This is a pretty
historic event for rocketry and for humans in general. Unfortunately it's
going to be early in the morning here. The target launch time is 8:21:46 am
Friday morning. There is a lot going on in the last few hours before launch,
so if anyone does want to meet up, at least an hour before launch would be a
good idea.

Reply if you want to meet up, and if anyone can get us into the conference
room where we normally meet that would be awesome because I know it has a
projector and internet.

Otherwise I highly recommend everyone setting apart some time on Friday
morning and tune into http://www.spacevidcast.com/ and watch the launch
live. They're already streaming coverage 24/7 now. As I write this the
countdown clock is at T-13:34:15 and counting.

Also watch your email because I will update with any information about
scrubs or off-nominal conditions.

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