Hi everyone,

Today's integration day was lightly attended, but we managed to slag
through all we had to. We inventoried, organized and cleaned boxes,
mounted the new 2.4 GHz helical antennas on the LC and LTC antenna
poles, and we feel that the ground systems are basically ready to go for
next week, so we're "go for launch" next weekend.

What's NOT ready right now is the new FC and 5.8 GHz radio system. We'll
be working on that over the next few days, and see what we can get done
by Tuesday.

If you're going to the launch, please be sure to make Tuesday when we'll
make our final go/no go decision (mostly based on weather right now) and
coordinate the final logistics for launch.

See you Tuesday!


Andrew Greenberg

Portland State Aerospace Society (http://psas.pdx.edu/)
and...@psas.pdx.edu  P: 503.788.1343  C: 503.708.7711

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