Good afternoon,

Tomorrow night at 7pm, in FAB 86-01 I'll be holding the first of probably a
few classes to introduce folks to Solidworks.  It is my intent to tailor
the class to people who don't have any experience solid modeling, so
absolutely no experience necessary.  The very basics I hope to cover are:
Understanding the UI, Basic sketching, Part modeling, Assembly modeling,
and Drawing creation.  We will be doing all this for a very
simple engineering material were all failure with...LEGOS!

Additionally I will also be walking through the newly created PSAS template
files during the course of the evening.

It was my hope that we would all have the change to get Solidowrks
installed on our own laptops by now but if there are a few lingers I will
be around starting at 6:00.  Be warned though that the installation does
take about an hour, and I do intend to start 7:00.

Hope to see you there,

Christopher Mullens
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