I'm going to experiment with posting all the links from the my space
news intro to the mailing list both for people who missed it or want
to revisit and as a list heartbeat -- it's awful quiet here sometimes.
::taps mic::

*The Fraser River*

A satellite view of Vancouver BC and the mouth of the Fraser river
emptying into the Strait of Georgia.


*Scheduling for COTS2/3 (SpaceX Dragon)*

SpaceX's highly anticipated next flight, which includes having their
Dragon capsule berth with the Space Station has an official launch
(target) date now:

April 30th, 2012, 4:22 UTC (9:22am Pacific)

*High Skydive*

Photo of the practice run for a record breaking skydive attempt. The
capsule he is standing in is on a weather balloon at around 21 km in
altitude. The eventual goal is to beat the longstanding record of 31.3
km set in the 60's by the air force.


*ISS Eye Candy*


*SpaceX Wins More Launch Contracts*

More business for SpaceX we hope.


*India planning a Mars program*

Not manned, but it would be the first country after the US and Russia
to go to Mars. Is this the first of other countries starting to get
into space science?


*Launch of Iso-Haisu*

Our friends at the Finnish Astronomical Society
(http://www.sats-saff.fi/) launched their hybrid, roll controled,
experimental rocket the other day. No interesting (read: roll control)
data from them yet, but this flight I think sets the bar for real time
data broadcast  (unfortunately it was in the middle of the night for
us). Real time google Earth telemetry, IRC channel and a webcam/audio

Check out the video of the launch from a quad copter.


*CSS Parachute Slider Test*

Copenhagen Suborbitals have been spending the year since their
partially successful launch this summer building an Apollo style
capsule and testing every single part of that, from seats to
uprighting buoyancy bags, to parachutes.

Here they test their modified X-form parachute with drops from a
shipbuilding crane. As the test progresses the put their slider (a
ring of material around the shroud lines that slides down the lines
and opens the parachute slowly) at different positions.


See you all next week!

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