Almost forgot this week!

*1 billion stars in one image!*

Massive, 150,000 megapixel compost infrared image of the galactic
plane! Over 1 billion stars are in the full size image, which is only
1% of the stars in our galaxy.

*Replacing some FRSI on the Shuttle*

The Felt Reusable Surface Insulation (FRSI) is a nomex foam that
covers the top side of the orbiter to shield the aluminium skin from
thermal effects. Some photos of replacing a small piece of it.

*Mercury Battered by Solar Wind*

Planet Mercury imaged with massive particle outflows surrounding and
impacting it.

*Orion Parachute Test*

Boeing's capsule "Orion" being drop tested.

*Copenhagen Suborbital's Crazy Huge Engine*

CSS is upping the crazy by building a ~65-90 kN liquid (alchohol LOX)
engine. Here is an almost 20 minute walk-through.

[My Notes: I don't like the fact that it's He blow down, but it is
simple and the He heat exchanger is a great idea. A combo of regen and
film cooled nozzle is also cive and should give plenty of cooling for
reuse of the engine.]

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