SpaceX's Dragon COTS2/3 Launch passed it's flight readiness review
(FRR) for a launch on Monday April 30th at 9:22 am *Pacific* time.
(16:22 UTC)

*Geostationary Satellites from the Swiss Alps

A timelapse of the stars captures sunlight glinting off the ring of
GEO communication and weather satellites around Earth.

*Support for the thermal origin of the Pioneer anomaly

The "Pioneer anomaly" is the anomalous acceleration seen in the radar
data from the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft as they escaped the solar
system. Though the data only leaves 8.74±1.33e-10 m/s2 of unexplained
acceleration () it has been a subject of much debate.  This paper
posted to ArXiv the other day adds further support that anisometric
thermal photons are to blame. In other words: no new physics has been

*Supersonic Rocket Sled

Fun video of a rocket sled test of an aerobreaking device

*Space Shuttle Discovery Flies to DC

In a bittersweet moment Space Shuttle discovery is strapped to the
Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) and flown to the Smithsonian air and
space museum (NASM) in Washington DC.

Video of activity on the mate-demate device:

Spectacular photo of the stack flying by in Florida:

HD video of landing in DC:

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