Actual News:

 - SpaceX COTS2/3 launch is delayed until May 7th at 6:38 am Pacific.
(13:38 UTC). They still need more time to validate the code that will
autonomously guide the Dragon spacecraft towards ISS on orbit.

 - A new company was announced on Tuesday called Planetary Resources
( It's a conglomerate of billionaires,
including filmmaker James Cameron and the founders of Google who are
going to try and *mine asteroids in space*. They are setting up shop
in Seattle and for the next 5 years or so are going to focus on small
mapping missions using cube sats.

*Old NASA Training Video for Gemini*

Someone dug up flight controller training video which I thought was
pretty interesting!

*New ISS Timelapse*

Another spectacular timelapse movie/cheesy soundtrack from the space
station tons of fly overs and aurora.

*Venus: Path across the sky*

A composite image taken over months as Venus as seen from Earth.  You
can "see" the path of Venus' orbit as we fly past each other.  Often
this kind of time series photography for the sun reveling the
analemma, but rarely does anyone do it for planets.

*Discovery in the Museum*

NASA finished the move last week to the Smithsonian in DC

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