*Sutter's Mill Meteorite*

Astronomy: Where waiting for research material to fall out of the sky
is a valid approach.

Image of fireball:

Actual meteorite collected:

*Blue Origin publishes rare press release*

Some information on what the mysterious Blue Origin is up to.


*Wave clouds over Ile aux Cochons*

Air is a fluid! On large scales it acts a lot like water. Here we can
see a single layer of atmosphere due to it's temperature being just
right to make clouds. As it flows over an obstacle (a mountain island)
it ripples and the clouds give away the shape of the air flow.


*UK announces Sun scraping probe*

Building a probe to go closer to the sun than ever before. Though
don't get too excited, it's still going to be a good 20 million km


*SpaceX (spacex spacex spacex)*

With SpaceX gearing up for a launch there is a lot happening!

As of this email the launch is delayed to an unknown date. It was May
7, but now may be as late as May 10 or perhaps pushed out of the
window (May 12th, I think) entirely and have to wait for the next

Photo essay of attaching the Dragon Capsule to the Falcon 9 launch vehicle:

NASA's new fancy boat mounted tracking cameras:

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