* JP Aerospace balloon
JP Aerospace is a new space company focusing on balloon technology.
Mostly high altitude balloons with payload for sale, though when they
grow up they want to launch rockets from balloons into space.  They
started a kickstarter to back their latest project which has lots of
opportunity for participation.


* Armadillo Commercial License
In an important milestone for new space, Armadillo Aerospace receives
an FAA (AST) licence to operate their STIGB vehicle commercially.


* Masten Powered JPL test
Masten Space System's Xombie lander, now repurposed as a for-hire INS
test bed, flew an aggressive landing trajectory for JPL.


* Copenhagen Suborbitals launch
CS launched a very large two stage hybrid rocket from their floating
platform in the Baltic Sea.  Lift off was perfect and in fact much
better than most hybrids (their testing seems to be paying off) but a
few seconds into the flight their rocket fell apart from
aeroloading/bending moments. The rocket split in two at the separation
mechanism before the second stage was lit.


* 7 Minutes of Terror: THIS WEEKEND!!
NASA's newest Mars rover, Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) --
"Curiosity", is landing on Mars (one way or another) on Sunday night
at 10:31 pm.


We might be meeting up at PSU, watch the mailing lists. Otherwise
check out the public event at Living room theaters in Downtown


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