* Morpheus crash
NASA bought the lander concept from Armadillo Aerospace and took it
for a spin recently. It didn't turn out so well.

Full video of the event:


* Another Masten EDL traj. flights
This is another awesome test flight run by JPL, on Masten's rocket.
JPL is testing guidance code on increasingly aggressive Mars EDL style
trajectories. That means slowing down the vehicles horizontal velocity
with the rocket.  For the test it flys vertically some fixed hieght
and then pitches over and turns down the throttle so it falls rapidly
sidways towards the target landing pad. Watch the correction and
landing at the end!


* Copenhagen Suborbitals is 0 for 3
CS launched their Launch Escape System (LES) rocket in the Baltic.
This comprised of the capsule with the escape tower attached. The
escape tower had (I believe N20/polyurethane) motor inside with
multiple exhaust ports that direct the plumb around the capsule. The
assembly then drifts to apogee and the tower is supposed to separate
and parachutes open on everything.

This actually mostly worked, which is impressive. However the capsule
became pretty unstable after burnout and because of tumbling did not
get high enough for the chutes to inflate properly.


* Forest Fire from space
The Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership satellite has a NIR
camera which caught these wildfires in Russia:


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