Hi all,

I've been thinking for a while that we should move most or all of our
git repos to github.com.

I have a few reasons for this:

1.) Currently we actually have to do work to manage gitweb and user
keys, etc. Not much work I guess, but why do something that someone
else already offers as a free service? Any change to reduce the
management overhead is a plus. And github has lots of excellent help
articles for helping people new to git.

B.) Better community interaction. Github is the de-facto place for
open source projects right now. It has big shiny buttons for forking
projects and applying patches and a pretty front page for each repo
that is easy to browse. Adding a github link to our business cards
would be a clear win in my opinion.

iii.) Recognition. These days people's github accounts are like mini
resumes. I've been asked a number of times for a link to github
*instead* of a resume. By default github will list your contributions
to other projects on the site.  This is a big deal for students when
they start to look for jobs. I would love for our member's commits to
show up on their github page. (for the shy: you can set your
membership to private)

γ.) Issue tracking. Optionally you can turn on issue tracking for a
repo in github. This may be something we want.

I'm more than happy to do the migration work. The only issue I've come
across so far is someone already has the username PSAS. It's empty, so
I wonder if someone in our group was sitting on this?

If you own:


Or know the person who does, could you let me know?

Otherwise I'm going to fall back to "/pdxaerospace".



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