On Tuesday, March 26, 2013, Andrew Greenberg wrote:

> > I have code ready to test on Rocket Tracks, and Chris and I plan on
> > heading down early afternoon tomorrow to work before the meeting.
> W00t! Good luck!
> > Batteries- 2 12V batteries such as the launch tower batteries would
> > work. Does Tim or Dave have these?
> No, sorry, all the 12V batteries we've used (that I know of) have been
> Glenn's. All my current SLA batteries are toast, so I don't have
> anything. It's probably worth while to go to a battery store and buy a
> pair of small-ish gel cells for use in testing. As long as it's fairly
> cheap (< $50) PSAS can pay you back.
> When we're in the field, we'll use Glenn's giant batteries (or large
> ones that we purchase but keep offsite).
> Chris and I are going to use a pair of motorcycle batteries for now.
Between the two of us we had plenty to spare. I did buy battery
cable-making supplies.

> > Access to the EPL- could Nathan or some other manager head down? Ideally
> > I'd like to get checked out to be a manager myself.
> What do you need at the EPL? And what time? Nathan, can you help out?
> > 6ga cable, a few short 1/4" bolts and nuts and 1/4" ring terminals- not
> > sure if the EPL has these. If not I can buy some beforehand.
> The EPL has no hardware to speak of.
> The main reason I wanted to use the EPL was just to take the opportunity
to get checked out. I'll wait, no biggie.

> > I'll give a detailed update at the meeting. I'd also be happy to run
> > through the details of ADC reads in ChibiOS if anyone is interested.
> I'm off on vacation, I'm bummed I can't be there tonight. Let me know
> what else you might need!
> The main reason I was sticking around for the meeting was to get K, Dave,
or someone who knows to look at a minicom port problem I'm having. It
worked before an Ubuntu update. I'd love to pull data that way for testing.

K, Dave, or other minicom gurus plan on showing up tonight?

> Andrew
> Rob

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