In case anyone here hasn't been to a meeting a while, you should know
that we're pushing for a launch at the end of June!

This will be the fifth launch on this airframe, and the tenth major
launch in club history. We're flying on a CTI N2850 motor, which
should propel our 3.5 meter tall, 37 kg aluminum and fiberglass rocket
to an altitude of over four kilometers (while breaking the sound
barrier)! We are testing a completely new set of flight electronics
with an Ethernet bus, as well as new flight computer based on an Intel
Atom processor.

More information including logistics can be found on our launch logistics page:

We'll be departing Portland Saturday June 29th for Brothers (which is
about 40 miles east of Bend, Oregon) and setting up in the late
afternoon. We plan to launch on Sunday between 10:00am and 1:00pm.

This launch will be during the Northwest Xtreme Rocket Show (NXRS).
There will be lots of rockets launching all weekend! More information
about NXRS can be found here:

If you are interested in coming to the launch *please* let us know
ahead of time. We need to know
who will be attending in advance.


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