Hi everyone!

### Updates

A whole string of good news today on the avionics side of things:

- Launch Tower Computer and "LTComm" software is up and running.

- New battery pack is installed, and we fixed the old LPC-based avionics
power system (APS) so it charges the batteries. This is big, because it
means we can sit on charge via the LTC shore power.

- The new STM32 roll control board now controls the roll control module
based on packets from the FC. Congrats to K and Dave, this system
totally rocks. As required, we streamed 1 KHz servo updates and it did fine.

- Rocket Room in 84 lab has been cleaned up and organized. We now have
two rolling "rocket carts" to make field ops WAY easier.

### Sunday Dress Rehearsal

Noon - 5pm at Dave's house. Call Dave or me if you need his address. On
the agenda:

- Set up the whole launch system and attempt to launch the rocket! Well,
we won't actually launch, instead we'll light up a 12 V halogen bulb
which simulates the igniter.

- Bring everything down, and try it again :)

- Go over the launch SOPs and do a quick inventory.

- In parallel, we'll also be hacking on FCF, including logging, the IMU
-> RC, FC state flow, etc.

See you then!


Andrew Greenberg

Portland State Aerospace Society (http://psas.pdx.edu/)
and...@psas.pdx.edu  C: 503.708.7711

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