If you weren't there, or haven't heard, the launch yesterday was a success!
We came straight off the pad and all the recovery systems worked perfectly.
We got back 100% of the rocket with no obvious damage.

We did get some packets from the flight computer to the ground in flight
with data off the ADIS, so a big congratulations to the flight computer
team for getting that working at the last minute.

The 360 camera module looks like it worked as well, but I haven't confirmed
yet that we got the footage for every camera, but we've looked at at least
one and it's spectacular!!

We had a couple of failures, the GPS stopped working just before launch
(well, the USB port failed on the flight computer to be precise), oh well.
And most notably roll control failed about 3 seconds into flight. We were
going up just fine and then all of the sudden the rocket spun up to many
hundreds of RPM!!!

We're all eager to see all the video and pictures and data, so everyone
should try to be at the meeting tomorrow! We'll watch the videos, throw out
wild speculation about what didn't work, and have a party!

A huge thank you and congratulations to everyone!

See you all Tuesday night.

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