Hi all,

Like I said in the meeting, I've bought a Sentinel kit from Binder Designs
that's rated for motors H to J so it works for both L1 and L2. It was about
a hundred dollars so total cost of buying kit, building motor, and
carpooling to an Oregon Rocketry launch some time this summer to get L1 and
L2 cert will come out to less than $200.

Is anybody else not just interested but actually seriously planning to do
an L1/L2 and wants to commit two weekends this summer? First would be to
build the kits and second would be the launch.

Also, I'm not able financially or technically to consider L3 but there was
some interest at the meeting. Anybody planning on an L3 attempt this summer
or fall? I'd be up for going out to a launch to provide moral support
and/or recovery help if you're doing it.

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