So, as you probably already know, it was finalized in the meeting this week
that we will not be launching the PSAS rocket this fall.  However, we will
be going as a group to the October 11th Oregon Rocketry "Rocketober" launch
to watch cool launches, and to support team members getting level 1 and 2
Tripoli certs (including Jenner and me.)

We're also hoping to get at least a few active PSAS members up to level 3
in the spring, which means a push this winter get those rockets built.
 PSAS probably has a Telemetrum that members can borrow (since level 3
requires the use of avionics) and potentially a motor casing as well.  Like
I mentioned, we're targeting a Level 3 certification launch in the May

If you'd like to get level 3 certification, come to the meeting this week
and we'll talk about what will all be needed.  If you don't have level 1 or
2 yet, but would like to get it in October, you'll need to get started
pretty soon.  Jenner and I will begin our L1/L2 rocket builds this weekend,
and we'll come with learned advice to the meeting on Tuesday.  Let us know
if you're interested in joining this adventure, and we can talk about kit
selection and written test preparation.

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