Hello everyone,

For those who haven't been attending PSAS meetings these past few weeks, I
just wanted to formally introduce myself. My name is Wilson Alness, I am
fairly new to PSAS but by no means new to rockets. I am serving on the
OregonRocketry Board of Directors this year as secretary. Along with Dave
and Andrew, I am also an L3 cert "candidate" for this season.

If any of you out there would like to join OROC (membership is only $40 for
the whole year - no launch fees at Brothers for members), please let me
know, and I will take care of this for you.

More good news from OROC - as announced at the meeting last night, our full
42,280' AGL Brothers waiver for 2014 was approved by the FAA last week.
This means we are clear to fly this year! OROC's first scheduled launch is
taking place on May 16-18. There is also talk of a possible "pickup" launch
in April - stay tuned.

Lastly, I know you all like carpooling out to Brothers. I would be more
than happy to drive one or two of you out there in my truck, IF and you can
or want to leave early. (As in the Thursday or Friday before a launch.)
Just let me know.

Wilson Alness, OROC Secretary & Webmaster

Wilson Alness
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