Hello everyone, 


There is a pickup launch in Brothers THIS weekend, April 12-13. Fred Azinger
from OROC is mentoring a USLI team (I think) from Clark College and they
need to get their qualification flight done by this weekend.hence the pickup
launch. Short notice, I know, but if anyone has got rockets/motors they're
dying to fly (I sure do) and don't want to wait another 6 weeks for Spring
Thunder, now is the time. 


The launch is bring-your-own-everything. No club GSE, no PA system, no
port-a-potty service. At most I'm expecting maybe 1-2 OROC members to be
on-site this weekend, maybe more if there is interest. The impression I've
gotten from Fred is that he and the Clark College team are essentially just
going to drive out there, push the button, and then head back. Still don't
know what day they're driving out there or when they're planning to fly but
I would guess Friday or Saturday. (Remember, the waiver is good


My L3 rocket won't be ready but I'll be driving out there probably Friday
afternoon or Saturday morning (TBD) to fly a few smaller rockets off of my
own pad. I'll also be camping out there for a night. 


Please do let me know if you are interested! 





Wilson Alness

 <mailto:waln...@pdx.edu> waln...@pdx.edu



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