Hi All,

If you weren't sure, or perhaps forgot, our target launch date for Launch
11 is *Sunday July 20th.* As always things might change at the least
minute, but we're really going for this weekend.

If you've never been to a launch before what usually happens is we prepare
and pack through the week, then meet up early Saturday morning and convoy
out towards Brothers. Carpooling is encouraged and we'll figure out who
needs rides closer to launch.

Saturday afternoon is spent setting up the launch site and launch tower.
Sunday morning we button everything up and put the rocket on the tower and
try to launch!!

Most of the high level info is under the Launch-11 repo on github:


Be sure to check out the issue list for things that need to be done, there
is a lot!


A little over 46 days left to go, and only 7 Tuedsay night meetings left!!

Commence panic.

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