Lots of updates! Executive summary: we're go for launch 7/20.

### Last night.

Gavin, Kenny and I worked on the avionics last night. As of this
morning, the GPS system is now fully mounted and we even have
confirmation that the COTS GPS system gets lock through the cylindrical
patch antennas, low noise amplifier, and splitter. This is very good
news: now we'll integrate in Jenner's GPS. Also, we stuffed the
raspberry pi carrier boards and mounted it to the avionics systems. As
of Tuesday night, we'll be officially done with the avionics system, and
be able to button it up for flight / testing / whatever is next.

### Today's integration day

Integration day at Dave's house went "just OK" today. Kenny, Dave,
Gavin, Glenn, Bart, Erin, John and Nathan all helped out setting up the
launch tower computer, launch control, and all of the interlocking systems.

We had some problems with the Beagleboard in the Launch Tower Computer
which ate some of the day up. We don't think it's RF issues, we think
that the phidgets web service is doing bad things to the board. It could
also possibly be heat - it was acting up during the heat of the day, and
magically fixed itself when it was cooler. We'll test the board at
elevated temperatures to see if that makes it fail.

Once those issues resolved themselves, we launch the rocket with no
problems twice. THAT part went swimmingly well. We're threatening the
LTC with either dry ice packs or replacement by a raspberry pi - we'll
see after further testing.

### Next up

- Button up the avionics system for flight Tuesday night.
- Finish the umbilical disconnect system ASAP.
- Another drop test, this time with the full avionics system running.
Maybe on Friday?
- A full communication test, to prove the full working system out in the

More Tuesday!


Andrew Greenberg

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Portland State University
a...@ece.pdx.edu  C: 503.708.7711

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