Hi Folks! We need some volunteers to help on the recovery team this
weekend! :) We need 3-4 people to help go out in the brush and
find/retrieve the rocket, as well as some people on the flight lines to
help with visual observations of where the rocket lands in the distance.

We have two GPS's and data coming from two wireless connections, the
Telemetrum and the flight computer/wifi. It's very possible that we will
loose GPS lock, or wireless connections, on one or both of those. If that's
the case, the backup plan is to triangulate the landing location of the
rocket based on visual observations from multiple people at multiple
locations around the site. Note: last launch, we did not get GPS data, and
we hiked around the desert for over an hour trying to find the thing.

For observers, you'd need to download a few apps for your phone (android
GPS Essentials: Will give you your GPS coordinate on the ground
AR Bearing Compass: Allows you to aim your camera in a direction, and uses
the magnetometer as a compass and shows you the bearing that your camera is
facing. There is a cross-hair that will allow you to line up the camera on
where the rocket landed. On a side note, if you have your old scout
sighting compass, you can use that too! :)
True Bearing: Allows you to enter a GPS coordinate, and shows you a real
time map of the direction you are facing and the distance to the GPS point
you entered. We can use this to walk directly to the rocket.

In the event of loss of actual GPS data, we'll radio for the bearing
readings of multiple people around the site, feed that through some
software and have it calculate the most probable landing GPS location and
estimated error. In the event we DO have real GPS data, we'll simply enter
the coordinate into true bearing and walk to it... Hopefully that's the

Note: For iPhone users, there is a program called "MotionX GPS" that will
work similarly to "True Bearing". I don't know of equivalents for the other
applications as I don't have an iPhone. If anyone happens to know please
let me know...

I'll be at the meeting late tonight, but just wanted to get this on folks

Thanks Everyone!
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