Thanks to all who came to the meeting last night to get launch logistics for
this weekend!


One important change that I found out about today is that I got the waiver
times incorrect. The correct times for the waiver are Saturday and Sunday,
from 0800 to 2000. (NOT 0900-1700 as I had originally reported.) Sorry for
the mix-up. This means that, on Sunday, the earliest we can push the button
is 0800, and the latest is 2000. NOTAMs are now in place which means all
systems go for this weekend - I will open and close the waiver each day from


I picked up the N2501 reload from the rocket room last night and all is well
in that department. Dave and I are going to assemble the motor at my shop on
Friday morning before load-up at Dave's. 

I will be towing the U-Haul trailer over (on Friday) and Dave will be
hauling the travel trailer. 


Once again, don't forget to bring the following:


.         Water

.         Sunblock/lip balm

.         Hat/sunglasses

.         More water

.         Sun shade if you have it (Easy-ups, etc.)

.         Fire suppression equipment if you have it (water jugs, fire
extinguishers, shovels, etc.) 

.         Work tables/chairs? 


I think that should do it!





Wilson Alness




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