Good morning team!

Many thanks to Dave, Andrew, Gavin, Jeremy, Kenny, Eric, and everyone else
who helped with loading yesterday. As it *always* does, getting the trailer
packed up and hitting the road just takes longer than planned. I arrived
safely here in Prineville late last night and am now getting ready to leave
for the launch site. Waiver has been activated. 

Drive safely everyone!
503-901-6515 cell (Will be watching emails/calls/texts.) 

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Hi everyone!

We did final clean up on the avionics system. It's basically ready for
flight, minus some software polishing. But we're still go for launch.
Most importantly, we did a final communication test tonight, and easily got
GPS lock with the WiFi blasting away.

Wilson has the uhaul trailer and is on his way to Prineville tonight.
The rest of us packed up all the things and packed them away to put in the
RV tomorrow (pick of the entire thing attached).

For those interesting in caravaning, we're meeting at Dave's house at 8am
and leaving by 9am.

... and that's it! See everyone in the desert!


Andrew Greenberg

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Portland State University  C: 503.708.7711

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