Hey all,

Kenny pointed out that actually, despite my wishful thinking, the GPS
front-end board isn't quite ready to pull down raw data yet. He's
definitely building up another board but that's still for development
efforts. For Tuesday, we expect to be using a commercial off-the-shelf
receiver we have to pull the raw data. My bad!


On Sat, Aug 16, 2014 at 3:18 PM, Jenner Hanni <jeh.wic...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We met last Tuesday and we've decided that the study group will meet
> every Tuesday at 6pm before the PSAS meeting, except we'll skip the
> first Tuesday of every month when the Intro meeting takes place. We
> plan to meet through December 15th and then take the holidays off.
> Jamey gave his talk, The 20,000km view: How GPS works. The slides are
> here: http://jameysharp.github.io/2014-osbridge-gps/
> We decided that the group will basically figure out how to build a
> software GPS receiver using the raw data we get from the GPS RF
> Front-end board. We should have another board built next week so we're
> going to go outside and get data, and then we'll be figuring out what
> to do with the data from the bottom up, starting as low as "how to
> work with RF signals?"
> This includes stuff like tracking codes, the nav message, math for
> getting a position fix, and working with direct sequence spread
> spectrum.
> If you're interested, this group is totally open to the public. Join us!
> Jenner

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