On Aug 18, 2014, at 8:47, Jamey Sharp <ja...@minilop.net> wrote:
> On that note, if anyone has any software-defined radio hardware, it'd be 
> great if you could bring it at 6 pm tomorrow so more people can play with SDR 
> techniques. I'd like people to get hands-on experience at this stage.
> That includes the cheap RTL-SDR USB TV tuners, any model of Ettus Research's 
> USRP, or the new HackRF boards.
Gah, looks like I've caused a conflict. Kenny and I signed up to do a hack 
session at PLUG's advanced topics meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) night, about the 
same time:


So you have two local choices for getting up to speed on SDR tomorrow night. I 
could certainly come by at a later meeting and help with GNU Radio and various 
SDRs, too. Just not tomorrow night.

        - Jared

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