Hi everyone,

Meeting tonight as usual in FAB 86-01. I won't be there :( so Jamey or
Bart will have to let everyone in.

A quick update on our space:


If you need access to the rocket stuff, as Nathan mentioned that's all
in room FAB 70-07. That's in the same suite as the robot theater, right
around the corner from the FAB parking garage elevators. Currently,
Dave, Jenner, Jeremy, Erin and Jamey should be able to get into that
suite and that room. We've been asked to keep the card key access to
that room at a minimum, so please ask these people if you need to get
in. Again, we hope to be back in a single, easily accessible room in
about 1.5 months.

See you all next week!


Andrew Greenberg

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Portland State University
a...@ece.pdx.edu  C: 503.708.7711

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