Hi everyone!

Today's system integration day went well. Here's a pic!


We met at PSU a little after noon, rolled the Flight Director's Table
(FDT) out to Jon's truck, and fit EVERYTHING ELSE into Kenny's Audi. How
it all fit in there, I have no idea. But that was pretty great that
essentially the entire rocket system (minus tower) fit in two cars.

We got to Dave's, rolled the FDT into his garage, and within an hour or
two had all our systems up and running. And that was with a lot futzing
around and taking pictures for SOPs. The combination of the FDT and
Dave's new tower system is pretty amazing.

We had many successes:

- We had GPS lock on our COTS GPS receiver with the full avionics stack
on, including streaming video over WiFi with power amps on. This means
we've fixed whatever bad GPS jamming issues we had before.

- We had video streaming during most of the day, which never crashed the
network so we seemed to have solved that problem as well.

- The tower went up incredibly quickly with no issues that weren't
easily fixed on the spot.

- The FDT just worked.

We had three big issues:

- Something blew out the power system on the TrackMaster 4k. We think
some loose metal in the TM4K shorted out the power system, and took out
our PoE and local 5V SPS. For this test we patched the system to get it
up and running, but we'll have a lot to fix this Tuesday.

- Towards the end of last test we had some long latencies in packets
streaming in, so we have some work to do dealing with network streaming

- The Telemetrum COTS flight computer took forever to lock, like 20-30
minutes. We think it was a combination of the terrible "in-a-metal-can"
antenna placement plus Dave's house blocking the sky plus a bad
constellation for the obstructions. Next time, we'll let the Telemetrum
 lock before we put it on the rail, and hopefully a warm start will help
the long lock time.

You'll notice none of these issues were "it was totally broken" or "we
have no idea what's going on". That's pretty great, and although there's
zero time left between now and 7/19, we at least posed now to really be
ready for that launch.

See you Tuesday!


PS. Here's the full issue list from today:

- Critical to Get
   - Igniters for recovery system
   - Motor grease
   - DisplayPort to 2 monitor adapter
   - TeleDongle connectors so we can upgrade them with the
     latest firmware
- Critical to Do
   - Make two more launch lugs (who has the other two?)
   - Fix the TM4K power and 2.4 GHz PA
- Issues
   - Dave is going to write the LT manual
   - Need a 2nd mounting bar for the LTC on the LT
   - Should have backups for the sand screws if the impact wrench rounds
     the nut sides.
   - Impact wrench now replaces the generate and 90 deg angle drill
     for critical infrastructure.
   - Include locking Telemetrum and Venus pre-flight so we get lock more
   - Check out the temperature data from L11 and try AV4 at temperature
     to see if we have any temperature effects.
   - Still need to track down and fix or mitigate RNH freezes
   - Still need to track down and fix or mitigate GPS node bad power ups
   - Include a table next to the FDT as a "flight support table" for
     critical laptops. FDT displays should be for data only.
   - LTC commander alarm displays are not calibrated, so calibrate them.
   - LTC RocketReady detect and internal LTC temperature are not
     working, get them to work since both are critical pieces of info.
   - SOP: FC needs to be up before the TM4K, otherwise we have to
     bounce the TM4K.
   - Change over system to "flight mode": FC and Rapsi's should now
     power on and "just start working".
   - Fix the PiCam2's software, it needs PiCam1's video fixes.
   - Fix circular route, or DNS, or something for more robust networking
   - Actual display of Venus status in the Telemetry display
   - PiCam should have two resolutions, low res for streaming and high
     res for SD card recording.
   - Verify all SD cards are UMTS1 for high speed reading and writing.
   - Staticly configure DxWifi for 2 MBps
   - Do a DxWiFi networking budget, and deal with bandwidth issues

Andrew Greenberg

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Portland State University
a...@ece.pdx.edu  C: 503.708.7711

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