Hi everyone,


Your local friendly OROC Secretary here. As most of you know, like last year
I will once again be the OROC "liaison" for Launch 12 next weekend. Some
important things about the launch and the Brothers launch site in general
that I would like to share with you all. 


If you've never been to Brothers before, please read this webpage carefully:



Directions to the Brothers launch site can be found here:



The physical location of the "green gate" off Hwy 20 (easy to miss) is as

43.823214, -120.637724


The 7-day forecast for Brothers at this point looks like it is going to be
fairly warm next weekend. Don't forget to bring the following with you:


.         Water

.         Sunblock

.         Hat

.         Shade - easy-up, etc.

.         Did I mention water?

.         Camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, etc.) if camping
on-site with us Saturday night. 

.         Flashlight/headlamp

.         Fire suppression equipment if you have it - fire extinguishers,
shovels, extra water, etc. Please see below.


This summer is shaping out to be one of the hottest and driest we've ever
seen in Brothers. That said, extra precautions to avoid fire will be in
place. OROC borrows a water-pumper trailer from the Forest Service for use
at our club launches, and the rest of the BOD has requested that we have it
available on-site for this launch as well. Dave and I will go pick it up
(from the Stage Stop in Brothers) and I will be doing a brief tutorial on
how to use it, likely on Saturday evening. 


If you plan on bringing your OWN rockets to fly at the launch, please
contact me off-list as soon as possible. You are more than welcome to do so!
Our FAA waiver will be activated for 20,500' AGL on both Saturday and
Sunday, so please feel free to take advantage of it if you so desire. J
Waiver calls/NOTAMs will be made this Wednesday by OROC's launch director,
and I will open and close the waiver daily from Brothers. 


Porta-potties will be serviced a day or 2 before the launch. 


As of this writing, I plan to head out there with you all on Saturday
morning, camp Saturday night, and return as soon as we're packed up and
finished Sunday. 


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns -
I'm always happy to help. I will also be at the PSAS meeting this Tuesday to
answer questions and cover any last-minute items. Looking forward to the



Wilson Alness

OROC Secretary & Webmaster

TRA #13848, L3 / NAR #83247, L3


Wilson Alness

 <http://www.wilsonalness.com/> www.wilsonalness.com

 <mailto:w...@wilsonalness.com> w...@wilsonalness.com



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