This weekend was amazing!

A huge thank you to every single person in PSAS! This was possibly the
smoothest and most successful PSAS launch in history. We collected over 3
GB of data on the flight computer, not counting the tens of GB expected in
video feeds.

Launch 12  By The Numbers:

 - Liftoff was approximately 11:15 am (18:15 UTC) July 19th 2015.
 - The fully loaded and fueled rocket weighed 34.0 kg.
 - Peak altitude was approximately 5100 meters above ground.

A first look at the data is here on github:

Jamey was already able to take a quick look at the raw SDR-GPS data:

Flickr gallery of photos from the launch weekend:

Unfortunately we lost connection to the camera that was supposed to stream
live to the ground and flew without it, but so far every single other
experiment on board has data in our logs. I think this launch was a huge

This Tuesday, at 7:00 in our usual room FAB 86-01 we'll have a post-launch
party and collect photos/video from everyone.

See everyone tomorrow night!

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