I need some ME or CS expertise in the CubeSat thermal project.

*Background: *
I'm trying to build some pile of packages, preferably open source, that
will let me build a moderately detailed model of a satellite (on the level
of having internals represented in a simple way, like chips and resistors
as boxes and cylinders), then turn that into a mesh that I can do FEA on.

These will probably need to be three different packages - a modeling
program, a meshing program, and a solver - but if they're open source or
have open APIs I can easily write interfaces and so on that will make a
pipe between the three.

Anyway, after doing my research I've found there are a lot of free CAD
programs that are about equally meh. One of the big differentiators is the
file formats they support, and that also matters to me because it
determines the overall difficulty of the steps I have to take to build the
pipe. A format that only supports the features I want would be ideal.

Basically I just need something slightly more complicated than STL files.
Almost pure geometric meshes that also can store flags and variables for
edges and vertices (stuff like thermal conductivity, sink/source, thermal

Any ideas?
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