Hi everyone!

A local add agency is doing an add for Siemmens tomorrow at the
Evergreen Aviation Museum. They've asked us to borrow some of our cool
looking things (the FDT, AV4, RCS, LTC -- but not the rocket!!). In
trade, they'll donate $450 to PSAS tomorrow.

They're coming to pick up the FDT (Flight director's table) tonight at
5:30pm - if you're around, please help me load it into their truck. The
FDT is stalwart enough that I don't think we care if they handle it.

But RCS, AV4, and the LTC I have a problem with just loading it into
their truck and letting them handle it. So I'm hoping that someone has
tomorrow free, can bring those things to the EAM in you your, and hang
out looking at cool space and airplane stuff all day, and then bring it
back sometime this week. The table will get delivered back by truck,

I don't have any information on times yet, but it might be a long day
out there.

So: if you have tomorrow free, please let me know ASAP! You can also let
me know at the meeting tonight.



Andrew Greenberg

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Portland State University
a...@ece.pdx.edu  C: 503.708.7711

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