For radio testing, Andrew's friend's house is pretty much right on
top of Petes Mountain, which has a nice line of sight to all the
flat terrain south toward Salem. It can see pretty much anything
along I-5, and is conveniently about 30km to Mt Angel, which is the
only thing approximating a peak that direction. I threw together a
map showing line-of-sight from the house (green shading), and by
clicking the "House to Abbey" on the left then "profile" you can see
the, well, profile.

If you want to play around with your own analysis, start a new map
(the link above is read-only) and you can do line-of-sight analysis
under "Add" -> "Add Viewshed Analysis", then dragging the circle to
a point, and clicking "Save".


PS. SarTopo is a service put together by one of my acquaintances, so
if you love it and use it a lot, consider helping support it --

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