We need volunteers for the event to keep things moving smoothly! If you'll
recall, it's next Tuesday at 6:30 PM, and we'd like people to show up at

Here's what we need volunteers for:

Greeters (2): People stand on the first floor, welcome people as they
arrive, (hopefully!) take in some donations, and let them know what the
general agenda is for the evening. We'll also have a lot of hardware on the
first floor so you can show that off too.
Event runners (5): We'll have games going on and we need someone to help
guide people through it and make sure everyone has fun. We'll give you all
the materials and make sure you know how the game is supposed to work.
5th floor security guard/floor supervisor (1): We're going to have food and
a film showing on the 5th floor, but the Dean's Office is going to remain
unlocked, so we need someone to stay there *the whole time* and make sure
everyone stays out. You can, of course, greet people, socialize, and have
some food.

So that's a total of eight people. We also need three people to show up
early (4:30 PM) to help with set-up.

Please e-mail me back with your phone number and what you'd like to help
with (or if you don't care, which would be excellent) plus whether you can
show up early for set-up.

Thanks everyone!
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