Hi everyone!

Just a reminder: tomorrow evening is our Yuri's Night celebration! Meet
us in the Engineering Building, starting at 6:30pm and going to about
9:30pm. We'll have:

- Space Race activities! From flying indoor rockets to repairing your
spacecraft -- make your way from the lobby to the 5th floor through a
series of activities and puzzles.

- The rocket on full display, including avionics.

- The latest OreSat bits.

- The latest from the capstones, including carbon fiber bits.

- Super cool space artifacts that some of our members are bringing in.

- Free food!! And drinks! And movies!

Please feel free to bring friends and family, this will be a fun and
really casual way to show off PSAS to those Significant Associates!

See you then,


Andrew Greenberg

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Portland State University
a...@ece.pdx.edu  C: 503.708.7711

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