We're potentially going to be machining the mold for the nose cone
tomorrow. It would be pretty great to be able to take a time lapse video of

Since we might just want to have a dedicated camera for this sort of thing
*anyways*, does anyone have suggestions on what model works best for this?
Alternatively, does anyone have an old GoPro that they aren't using and
wouldn't mind donating?

In the interest of getting something by tomorrow, does anyone know where
the cameras from the 360 camera module are being stored?

Of course, anyone who wants to watch the machining can. This would be an
especially good thing for any mechanical engineering or physics peeps to
come to. It's going to be in the SB1 machine shop, probably starting in the
early morning. I'll try to send out an email when I know exactly when it
will start.
~Joe Shields
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