Let's show off the rocket and CubeSat and blow everyone's minds at PDX
Maker Week (pdxmakerweek.com)! Come help celebrate the many creative minds
that make Portland a strong, unique community by showing off your own

PDX Maker Week begins on Saturday, September 10th with a kick-off party.
Throughout the week there are talks, panels, workshops, social events, and
open houses at Maker venues across Portland. The Portland Mini Maker Faire
is also being held independently, starting on Saturday 9/10. Then, at the
end of the week, it’s your turn to show off your Maker talents. On
Saturday, September 17, the Portland State Maker Expo will showcase student
groups, high school students and others around Portland State University
that are involved in Making.  It is our turn to show off.

The expo will be your chance to show off your skill, your drive, and your
inspiration to the many individuals that will be an attendance.  We will be
hosting upwards of 10 separate workshops on this day so there will be
people running around and admiring the hard work, dedication, and sweat
that you put into your project.

So come show it off, be part of the movement, and inspire others to
greatness!! You can find the application here: http://tinyurl.com/zpk5yt9

Marie House
Outreach Volunteer
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