We have a chance to suggest a particular oven to the ME department, since
they're replacing the current one. If you want to look around ebay or some
other similar site, you should look for something along these lines.

   - Around $1500
   - At least 40" on one inner dimension. Specifically, we need to be able
   to put a 40 x 8.1 x 4 inch block in there horizontally. If it will fit
   diagonally, that's fine.
   - Has a temperature controller that will ramp-up at a prescribed rate,
   hold for a prescribed time, and then shut off. This is optional, but would
   be really nice. Like, it would cut the layup time *in half(!)*. It *must*
   be able to hold at a prescribed temperature.

If you find something, send it to the people CC'd here and/or the team
~Joe Shields
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