Hi everyone!

Well, we've decided on a T-Shirt design. It's a simple, clean medium
gray with the PSAS logo on the chest. It'll be our new uniform for
events and when we want to look like we're in a small space program. :)

So, please go ahead and fill out a Google form with how many T-shirts
you want, in what sizes:


Some notes:

- We're not totally sure on the price yet, because it depends on how
many we order. T-shirts will definitely be less than $20 each, and
probably less than $15 each. You can pay in cash or checks when you pick
up your shirts.

- There's a link on the Google Form to our Zazzle store that has a mock
up image of what it should look like. You're welcome to order from there
as well, it's just WAY more expensive. Although it does allow you to
order hoodies, jackets, and other stuff, too :) And yes, there's a small
donation to PSAS whenever you buy something with our logo on it.

- These are American Apparel T-shirts, so they tend to run small. If you
need another size not listed, like XS or XXXL, just put that in the
"Order Notes" section.

- We'll wait until next Tuesday and then fire off the entire order then.

- The shirts will come to PSU, and then you can pick them up once you're
there. If you want, we can mail you shirts too, but we'll ask for a
small extra donation (of whatever you can do) since that's an extra cost.

Thanks to Marie for finally pushing us into this, and as always, to
Nathan, for designing a kickass logo.


Andrew Greenberg

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Portland State University
a...@ece.pdx.edu  C: 503.708.7711

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