There's going to be a tutorial on Git and GitHub after the normal meeting
this Tuesday. This will be aimed at people who have little to no experience
with the command line or Git, like those of us from the MME department. If
you plan to attend, please
*remember to bring your laptop*.

Don't worry if you can't make it to this tutorial. There will probably be
more. You can also ask most other members for help.
​There's even a repo that will walk you through it
<https://github.com/psas/psas-git-workshop/blob/master/README.md>, if you
want to learn it on your own. ​
It's important that you get this information at some point, since this is
how we track all our work.
​ ​

If you're already experienced with these tools, please consider joining in
to guide people along as they encounter problems.
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