Andrew, Aaron
Will the design review be on google hangouts or are you planning on doing it in 
person only at PSU?

I also wanted to make a note of the following items before I forget or if I am 
unable to attend.

We may want to take a closer look at the capacitors on the VCC line going to 

 I believe some of them are necessary but probably not nine of them. I assume 
this accured from fallowing data sheets for multible devices.

There also seems to be a lot of wasted space as well. I noticed the following 
at a glance.

R4 can be rotated and placed next to U5 and R5 can be placed below R4 in 
parallel, the input line doesn't need to extend  out and then come back around 
you can place the throughput via right in front of the input line (or under the 
pad if we can do solid vias) U5 can then be moved to the left

C9 can be rotated and brought up next to C10 to free up space under U1

C15 and C16 can be brought closer, and U2 can move down and to the left

I am not saying fix this now, I am merely making a note of it so it can be 
discussed on Tuesday if I forget or more likely don’t make it down to PSU

Devin Lorenzen

From: Aaron Baker
Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2016 5:20 PM
To: psas-team
Subject: [PSAS] TinyAvionics board design review

My practicum class has built an Arduino-based avionics board intended for use 
in the "Introduction to Rocket Science" class next term. The git repo is here. 

We need to do a post-mortem on rev 1 to generate suggestions for a rev 2 over 
winter break.

The focus is on:
-Reducing cost
-Reducing board size
-Ease of manufacturing

If you'd like to help, the design review will be

6-7 PM, Tuesday December 13

(before the regular meeting).

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