Hello everyone!

So last Tuesday we announced our new Leadership Team and its members,
however I forgot to mention the positions left that are open. Below are the
open positions, open to all members, and a short description of their
expectations. I think it is most important to point out though, that* none
of these positions have been designed to take more than 1-2 hours per week*,
if that, so this is an *easy *way to help sustain PSAS and build a
well-rounded resume.

*Open Positions*

*Orientation Meeting Promoter*
Want a job that only comes up *once a term*?! The orientation meeting
promoter only has to make sure flyers get posted around the school and
pizza/drinks/plates n cups are ordered and brought to the meeting. Flyers
get posted in a literal way on the elevators and within the ECE department,
and they also get sent out to the message board screens and Frank Goovaertz
(the career connect adviser) so he can send it down his email pipeline to
all students.

*Fundraising Coordinator*
This person would be the liaison for all fundraising events. This means
that you would not be the sole person running every fundraising event
(which is not many anyways), but they would be the one in charge making
sure everything gets taken care of and other members are brought on board
to help out. The main fundraiser, and really the only one that we do right
now, is the yearly crowdfunding campaign. This fundraiser entails a
promotion video, coming up with and distributing "rewards" to donors, and
encouraging all members to participate by getting their family/friends to
donate. Ideally, the fundraising coordinator would also come up with other
ideas to help PSAS raise money, such as corporate fundraising or events
that PSAS can host and ask for donations at.

*Event Coordinator*
This person gets to have a lot of fun! They would get creative and come up
with events that the group can host or just do as a team. For instance,
last year we hosted an event for Yuri's Night where we had displays of our
work and also a lot of fun games throughout the Engineering Building that
was open to all members and the public. PSAS's yearly launch may be seen as
an event as well; some members already show up early and make a camping
trip out it, so why not invite everyone to do the same and bring their
telescopes for star gazing and games to have fun?! Events also don't need
to involve that much planning (remember, the coordinator is just the lead
as well, always feel free to ask for help from others), it would be awesome
to do things like a movie night or group hike or ?? up to you!!

*Social Media Lead*
You may not know it, but PSAS has a twitter! It's where we show off and
gain public interest so it is really important that we keep an ongoing
presence. Your job as the social media lead would be SUPER EASY!! Just bug
teams for pictures or their work, take pictures during our meetings
sometimes (especially at orientation meetings), and post cool updates (like
when we get grant funding) as PSAS continues to have success.

*Outreach Coordinator*
This job can be handled in your PJs on your couch at home :) The outreach
coordinator will keep up-to-date on emails that come through the PSAS
pipeline. We get a lot of simple inquiries from people, such as "when is
your next meeting?" and we don't want to let those people slip by because
you never know who will be the next rockstar of the group. Other emails
that come through, where people ask more in-depth questions, just need to
be forwarded to the correct contact and they will take care of answering.

*Website Administrator*
This job benefits both the team *and your skills as an engineer*! The
website administrator will update the website with simple markdown files
and images using Jekyll <http://jekyllrb.com>. Not hard to learn and not
too many updates, but you would be gaining experience with markdown and

Contact me if you are interested in any of these positions!

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