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Erin Schmidt (es...@pdx.edu) invites you to participate in the Doodle
poll "PSAS: Propulsion Classes."

This is a poll on class times for a PSAS propulsion class. Please let
us know if you're interested or available at any of these times (for
the first class, further classes would recur on these days and times).
Description: Non-credit seminar style class with 6-8 1-hr meetings.
Topics include condensed intro to rocket science & launch vehicle
design/requirements definition, compressible flows in rocket nozzles,
thermochemistry and combustion, combustion chamber heat-transfer, and
combustion instabilities. 
  The class may also include guest
lectures on topics including 3D printing for rocket propulsion,
injector design, igniter design, propulsion turbo-machinery, safety
engineering, controls and data acquisition, and propellant tank

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