Hey everyone!

I'm preparing demonstrations and resources to help you get to grips with
the game and on your way to using it to learn more about spaceflight.

If you don't already have the game installed, please download the demo from
the link below, install it and run it to make sure it works on your system.
That will save us a lot of time in the class. And again, if you don't have
a computer to bring, not to worry. We should be able to buddy people up,
and we might just have a few computers for people to borrow.

Demo download: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/en/?page_id=17  Available for
Windows, OSX, and Linux

Before the class, I'll send out another email with a downlad link to some
resources, which will include a save file to copy into your game
installation. I can show you how in the class. This will give you some
pre-made rockets I'm working on and vehicles already in orbit so we can
start with the fun part of launching and flying and get to rocket design a
little later on.

I know not everyone coming is a true beginner, so while this class will
focus on getting people started, I'm definitely prepared to help the more
advanced Kerbalers with other challenges, as long as I'm any good at them

I'll see if I can get us some snacks, and anyone who wants to make or bring
treats will be handsomely rewarded with gratitude.

See you Wednesday!
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